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   So you have finished the recovery trifecta. Detox. Residential Rehab. Intensive Outpatient Program. Your are working. You are working a Twelve Step Program of Action. You are doing your own schedule that includes meetings. BUT..

​   Finding roomates that aren't treating the living space like a frat house is a challenge. No one respects your down time so you can be your best at your job. Most don't understand what "recovery" is. They don't get or understand you or your journey. Where do you go to find a structured but not constrictive environment? You need people around you who are willing to put your sobriety first, as much as they do theirs. Do these thoughts sound familiar?

   Look no more. If your a working male and have at least six months since rehab completion or six months since graduating an IOP and are facing these or similar issues, please feel free to contact us at Sober Horizons. We have an average stay of nine months or more. You may stay as long as you need to as we have open ended, week to week rental agreements. 


James Berthay

2850 Kellogg Creek Road
Acworth Georgia 30102


Georgia Addiction Counselors Association and the National Association for Alcoholisim and Drug Abuse
MEMBER # 195291

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Single Room Occupancy for qualified males at $200 a week. Previous applicants need not apply

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