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Applying the tools we have learned in Rehab or Detox is a challenge, if not impossible, when we return to the same people and places that contributed to our addiction in the first place.

Maintaining employment, participating in your particular fellowship of a Twelve Step Program and living with people with similar goals, combined with the accountability of random drug and alcohol screenings, make this a highly successful approach to long term sobriety.

For those who are under court ordered supervision, we will work closely with those agencies to communicate your progress to ensure compliance and avoid being "set back". Your success is our success.

Our home is recently renovated. We have two person per bedroom maximum. This two story house has a basement with a two bedroom apartment, complete with fireplace, living room and kitchen just like the main level. The basement apartment is our living quarters for the women in our home. We have a live-in female house manager in the basement apartment. There are three bedrooms on the main level. This houses the men and the Program Director. We have a capacity for 3 female residents and four males. There are large screen televisions with cable in the living rooms. Closed circuit monitoring of doorways, perimeter and access to the basement apartment from the main level provides security and safety for all. The cost starts at $200 weekly.


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